Saturday, January 14, 2006

Two Quick Long Years and BluffMaster!

It's been two years; 15 days short of two actually since moving into this apartment of mine. The longest I have stayed at a place ever since moving out of home in 2000. And all my cartons are now packed and am almost ready to shift in with Akshay. A lot of reasons to move out for me - practicality being the most critical.

The two years have gone by real quick - the few things that strike me as I leave this apartment:
  • I am moving out more mature than I moved in (yeah, right!! is what most tell me) - is that what people call writing down to experience?
  • Have learnt to understand people a bit more - never judge a book by it's cover; but clothes make a man!
  • I find a few assets of mine that I have collected over the last two years. I moved in to the apartment with 2 suitcases and 3 bags. I am moving out with 3 suitcases, 4 bags, 4 cartons (many more actually), a cooking range and a gas cylinder (Reddy, what do I do of these??)
  • I am richer through better culinary skills, a carton of OH content and two squash racquets
In many ways this is a beginning of a new chapter in life - a few decisions to be made. The more I think of my decisions in life - objectivity, straightforwardness and setting priorities right seem to be the most critical DSS.

Till my next cooridnates,

p.s. As I pack, I listen to the musice of BluffMaster!

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