Monday, April 03, 2006

Voila Indie Cricket!

The one day team seems to be on a roll. Forget the tests, the team seems to believe in instant gratification. As an arm-chair cricket enthusiast My Re. 0.02 on the current state of the team.

1. Give Viru a rest - making him play will just destroy his confidence. He is flamboyant, let him go back to First Class cricket for a season. (I know, now that I have written this, Sehwag is going to make a big one in the next match. Simple Murphy's law)
2. Get Gambhir in. He should be playing a lot more. The boy is high on confidence.
3. Don't abuse Pathan. He is GOLD. But come on, let's not abuse him
4. Give Greg Chappel some classes in the Indian culture. India is very different from OZ. He needs to know that the birdie in India is not given a PG certificate. Keep mum and get on with your work, mate!
5. Have a national campaign along with Pulse Polio, for the masses. Let's not react to every duck. But well, this is religion and a dogma is a dogma is a dogma (sic!).
6. Get some better pitches. We love to win. Our pitches are good. All pitches should be like Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi. The best way to train ourselves for the World Cup. Come on get some swing!
7. Get the top order in line. The pressure builds on Dravid every time the top order fails and the law of averages will soon catch up with him. We do not want that to happen during the World Cup, do we?
8. Let the stock markets boom. This is quite a bit a corollary to what I had learnt a while back. There has been a study that has linked the Dow average performance with the length of the hemline in fashion during that particular time. Could there be some kind of a statistical correlation between the Sensex and the fortunes of the Indian cricket team? Why risk it?

I guess, I could be a very good team manager. Well, nevertheless.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Motorcycling (Actually!)

And what is good Phaedrus, is not what I am talking about here.

Spent the last half hour riding around on a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo. Was that a completely different experience than riding my KB125 RTZ. Don't get me wrong. As mentioned in my review at Mouthshut, it still remains my first love.

The Bullet is a completely different piece of machinery. A motorcycle, not a Jap-Bike. It needs love and tender care to kick start and drive. No throttling to vroom your bike. The Bullet will just not take that from you and shut itself if you do that. It takes a lot to start a Bullet too! Not a normal kick-start. Decompress, observe the gauge, kick, nope Baby says push the kick start. He started the bike by pushing the kick lever with his hand!

The most beautiful part of the bike is once you get it onto the road. The regular thumping of the bike. Boy, does it just make one feel larger than life. What better a feeling for a narcisist like me. The bike just rolls with a regular thump.

I am going to buy a Machismo. Wait till the business kicks-off. Dad, I should have heeded your advise while buying the KB and bought a Bullet instead. Well guess, each bloke learns about the value of a Bullet at a certain time.