Tuesday, May 09, 2006


...what a name, but I can't keep it for my organisation; I know what is good and what is not good. The name starts with a P, comes very late in the alphabet; is not an active verb.

I love my motorcycle; I plan on getting it repaired.
My car is lying desolate in Bombay (yes, I prefer the romance of Bombay to the trains of Mumbai), I plan on getting it to Baroda.
I have a dream - and am searching for it.
My sister is the most beautiful person on the face of this earth.
Where have all my girlfriends gone?
I would love to go off on a month long vacation to the Himalayas, but do not have the time or the inclination for it.
There are good days and there are bad - I need to get the business off the ground.
I am very busy with very little time - yet I am here typing gibberish on my blog.
I used to love a beautiful girl - and then we disappeared from each other's lives.
I hate hypocrites - I change my perceptions as it suits me.
I used to be very lazy and then I started putting fight.
Never judge a book by its cover - but clothes maketh a man.
I love music; people hit me when I try to make music.
I love business - technology needs to be leveraged.
I dream of someone who will be my Lesley (Bridge Across Forever).
I hate voilence and I love WW2 movies.
A healthy body is very important for a healthy mind; I enjoy running.
Fun is my way of looking at life, seriousness is how I try approaching it.
I love home-cooked food and am going to become a vegetarian.