Friday, May 25, 2007

The Hiatus

Close to a quarter since I last posted some of my thoughts. Well, things have been hectic (boy! thats an understatement) - wins, losses, discussions, traveling... I am just learning the hardway that success is about getting up one more time than you really think you can.

Here are some of the things that I have learnt (a couple from a very interesting book called Losing My Virginity by Branson that I read recently, others from here and there).
  1. Business cannot be pushed. It takes its sweet time to develop.
  2. A live spirit is of utmost importance. A smile on the face at the end of the most tiring of days is what differentiates you.
  3. To be in business you need have complete belief in your concept and love it; or rather be passionate about.
  4. Say what is required; not more; not less.
  5. Passion is good, but let the intellect keep a leash on it. Know when to pull-back.
  6. The driver has to be phenomenal growth; a vision to achieve what no man has ever achieved; go where no man has gone every before (no pun here!).
  7. Fight! Not aggressive; know your worth, reason and stand by what you believe.
  8. Know when and how to take mid-course corrections.
  9. The idea is good; the implementation is critical.
  10. Be clear in what you want and say. Remember, there is no second chance.
  11. Last, but not the least, "opportunity knocks..." so be alert!
Godspeed, Phonon.


Anonymous said...

hello..must say..tht was some good stuff said!!!

tamannalala said...

A drive to succeed...!
Hope u keep Zooming...
Don't ever change whts best in you!!

Akshay said...

good one. not been around since some time and things seem to have changed. you recently grew a beard or something ?