Sunday, August 15, 2010

Response to Mr. Vir Sanghvi's Comments on NDNC

Dear Mr. Sanghvi,

Since you have not responded to my tweets or bothered to provide any further inputs, I write this open letter in response to:
  1. Your blog post regarding TUCC:
  2. Your Aritcle in the Hindustan Times regarding TUCC:
  3. My questions sent on Twitter to @virsanghvi:

While I lack your eloquence in the written word, I will try to put my point across as succintly as my skills permit. My two simple questions (that I have also asked you on Twitter) are:

  • How long has it been that you have been registered on NDNC registry?
  • What's been the response post the 45 day period of registering on the NDNC registry?
I am not against your inputs or providing constructive criticism on wide ranging issues. These questions I ask since it is this very reason of mis-information and that too often by reputed personalities such as yourself cause this. Plus in our country with much lower than average awareness levels these create difficult public perceptions than what the reality holds.

The answer to my queries is, that it is less than 45 days since you registered on the NDNC. While there are breaches on the NDNC registry; I have experimented on multiple networks, Tata, Reliance, Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL. These together form about 80% of the operator traffic; and the number of non-compliances after 45 days of registration is negligible, if not zero.

Based on the above self-answer to my questions, it definitely is evident that you are either not aware of the NDNC Registry process or have decided to turn a blind eye to those to write what in normal journalism consumer parlance would be called a sensational and hard-hitting article or you really have a problem. But considering my empirical tests; the probability of the third option is very low. Also, that brings me to a separate question; when you received TUCC, how many times have you taken the effort to complain to your telecom operator regarding this (that is after the normal 45 day stipulated period of NDNC registration)?

I would have much appreciated that along with the articles that you published; which, though a little self-gratifying are fine and acceptable in the normal course of freedom of speech. However, it would have been much more constructive had you participated in the Consultative Paper process and the Open House kept thereafter by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. As did another gentleman from the fourth estate, who did give very pertinent inputs. Unfortunately, he is probably not as senior as yourself.


Ujwal Makhija.

p.s. I still await your feedback on when you regsitered on the NDNC Registry and the outcome (after 45 days).


steppenwolf said...

I totally disagree with you here.

I registered with both NDNC and Airtel's own DND registry over a year and a half ago (or thereabouts). I have received so many unsolicited calls and SMSes since that I could easily retire a millionaire if TRAI decided to run with Vir Sanghvi's idea to fine offernders and pay back subscribers.

I have emailed Airtel at least twice with specific details about the caller (Name, DSA he was representing, phone no., time of call etc. etc.). I have also complained to the companies these guys represent (Barclays, Citibank etc.). It's all a bloody useless exercise.

I understand you might have taken Vir's write-up somewhat personally since your business caters to the industry, but the man has the facts down pat.

The government is too busy covering Raja's ass to bother with the privacy of the average guy.

Only a matter of time before I hunt down one of the bastards calling to sell me life insurance, and he's gonna need it himself when I find him!

Ujwal said...

Steppen! Dude, I just checked your number . It isnt registered on NDNC. Got a text message sent to you with an auth code. Log on to your operator's site and add the auth code.

steppenwolf said...

Wow they deleted it already! I've already done the whole auth code thing before dude!

That's the Indian telecom Ministry for you...."Fuck you very much Mr. Vora for registering with NDNC. We shall be deleting your registration right away. Please register again now!"