Sunday, October 03, 2010

Goodbye Blue Sky...oops, Yellow Racquet

My five year old Dunlop squash racquet finally gave way at the court yesterday. Well, it did go through a lot of wear and tear over the last five years.

Made me learn to respect the racquet (no violations on racquet abuse on this one). Though it probably stayed with me through countless heat the ball sessions on court. Time that would help me block myself of from everything else and just keep hitting along the wall drives; warming the ball; a wonderful outlet for all the built up energies.

Which reminds me of the times in the last few years where I played sport; then took a break and then got back to sport etc. Its a wise activity to pursue a sport. Not only does all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, but the need for a physically fit body is baser in the hierarchy to a fit and agile mind.

Scientific studies might abound on the benefit of sports but this is what I gain from sport:
  • Gives me time-off from the normal worries and block thoughts out. It's better than sleep; or rather I would say it is essential for a good night's sleep. Sleeping after having played at any time during the day feels very different from a normal-non-sport-workday's sleep.
  • Removes toxins and all the other non-essential material from my body through sweat. Yes, just as our outer body shines through various beautifying methods that we so frequently abuse; an easier way is to let perspiration do its magic. It's also a wonderful air-conditioner.
  • Gives me a good appetite and ensures that a little lesser of the lard builds up around the midriff.
So anyway, mid-way through the game when the Dunlop racquet broke; I switched to my alternate Prince racquet. Good racquet no doubt. Wonderful control; but nothing like the feel and back given by my Dunlop. Call it Pavlovian Adaption for all I care; or getting way too used to something that's been a part of life; but nothing like the feel of a Dunlop Graphite. RIP, buddy.

Reminds me of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. Minnie Me, what would I do if you died? Oh, I would just get another one. But in those ten minutes I'll be inconsolable. :)

Now, here's the problem. No sports shop in Baroda stocks Dunlop squash racquets. So begins the search....

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