Thursday, March 15, 2012

And we all go down, again!

Refer my post of a few weeks back regarding our jhingoistic government. Here's yet another even that makes me wonder. Wonder who is Manmohan Singh and what right does he have to be a Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world? Come on, yesterday, you call the Railway Budget forward looking; and then do a dramatic volte face, just because your coalition partner arm twists you?

What a prostitution of democracy this is!! What right do you have to be in power, if all you are doing is going through with populistic demands just so that you can remain in power? 

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Peeved with Barodians

Quite peeved with those who talk on their cell while driving!!

All us so-called literate people of Baroda. Do you even think twice before warming your ear while driving and then putting your phones in your lap; as soon as you near a round-about where the traffic cops are standing? Forget the fine.

Why should I be responsible for your one-handed, half concentration driving while talking on the phone? I don't know you. You are not a near or a dear one for me; that I should be bothered about you. I wish you meet with an accident with your phone getting destroyed and your insurance company does not cover the repair damages.  (But I still pray, that it doesn't injure you, because its your near ones who would suffer because of your foolishness!)

Go spend fifty bucks and atleast get yourselves a headset for heaven's sake!!

Buzz off, you bird brains!

My Spring Friend

This little enigmatic bird with its shiny dark-prussian blue colours pays me a visit every spring.

Any idea what this bird is called?