Saturday, March 03, 2012

Peeved with Barodians

Quite peeved with those who talk on their cell while driving!!

All us so-called literate people of Baroda. Do you even think twice before warming your ear while driving and then putting your phones in your lap; as soon as you near a round-about where the traffic cops are standing? Forget the fine.

Why should I be responsible for your one-handed, half concentration driving while talking on the phone? I don't know you. You are not a near or a dear one for me; that I should be bothered about you. I wish you meet with an accident with your phone getting destroyed and your insurance company does not cover the repair damages.  (But I still pray, that it doesn't injure you, because its your near ones who would suffer because of your foolishness!)

Go spend fifty bucks and atleast get yourselves a headset for heaven's sake!!

Buzz off, you bird brains!

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