Sunday, December 23, 2012

Google Sync and BIS

This post is for all those of us who are dependent on Google Sync for keeping Blackberry contacts synchronised with your Gmail or Google Apps accounts. Google had announced earlier this year discontinued support and later an end of life for Google Sync on Blackberry. Google Sync stopped working a couple of weeks back for Indian networks.

So, I tried spending this week, trying to synchronise my contacts and calendars between Google Apps and my Blackberry, connected on an Indian operators Blackberry Internet Server. Matters came to a head earlier this week, when I uninstalled Google Sync from my phone and all contacts downloaded from my Google Apps accounts were no longer visible on my phone. Quite a situation.

I logged on to my BIS account and couldn't see option for Synchronise contacts or calendars as an option. Quite a bit of fretting later, I called my operator support as a shot in the dark. And wonder, for the first time, a technical issue with the operator got resolved.

The solution is that if sync contacts and calendar is not available in your BIS configuration interface, delete your email account and then re-add your account. On adding the account, one can in the options, select Synchronisation options for Contacts and Calendar. You will then need to authenticate your account from your BIS and upon authentication, the Google Apps / Gmail calendar and contacts get synchronised with the Blackberry handset. Voila!

p.s. I think this is available only for Blackberry OS 5.0 and higher only.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.
I had a similar issue, where Google Sync stopped working on 14th December. Checking the Sync Contacts and Sync Calendar options was not working. As soon as I deleted my email account and recreated it everything synchronised automatically.