Monday, August 31, 2015

What Champions are About!

After a long time yesterday, saw The Doctor, aka Valentino Rossi in action. Switched on the TV to see the live telecast of the wet and action-filled Silverstone MotoGP.

Descriptions of his racing style included the adverb, metronomic perfection.  Following him through the 20 laps at Silverstone was exactly that and nothing lesser. Turn after turn, the same rhythm. Similar to what Mika H√§kkinen was known for, especially in his McLaren Mercedes days.

And, the post-win gesticulations, greetings, energy and the interview, showed an excitement as though it was his first win. And that's what the commentator commented, it appeared as though this was his first win.

That is what champions are made of. This is what I believe champions do:
  1. They are thrilled by their victories, each time! It's like getting laid for the first time, every time. Yes, that's the kind of joy that each victory gets.
  2. They work harder, each time! They don't take their place for granted! Their are always others changing the coveted top-spot.
  3. They are consistent, each time! At the cost of redundancy, perfection is made into a habit by them.
  4. They value competition, each time! Marc Marquez and Danilo Petrucci were hot in pursuit. And, how Rossi warmed up to Petrucci at the end, motivating him. That's what champions are.
That's what a MOTO GP seen after almost 15 years does to me. That's when Rossi stormed into the MotoGP arena and that's how he took it on! 

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