Tuesday, March 08, 2016

COO in Managed Security Business

Isn't it interesting when technology complements traditional businesses? There's significant value to be unlocked. Private security services is one area where technology can bring great value addition. That is one of the business focus areas we are working on.

I am looking for a COO / Partner to lead our foray into Managed Security services. Will be great to meet people with the following skills:

  1. Have a a background at head-of-department level in managing security for companies / SOHO / residential businesses. Retired defence personnel with a gazetted officer post equivalent to a Major or higher will be a good fit too.
  2. Atleast 20 years experience.
  3. Most important will be sharing a common vision of making a scalable business out of managed security.
  4. Technology savvy. Will need to understand usage of technology tools and business applications for a holistic security strategy.
  5. Preferably based in Baroda or Ahmedabad.
The COO will be responsible for overall function, developing and executing the business strategy to be a leader in managed security services. 

Please spread the word. You could email me at ujwal [at] phonon [dot] in.

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