Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Good Moon-ing, Mallya

Guys, Mr. Mallya would have long flown over the cuckoo's nest (in one of his private jets maybe)! Happy hunting! Mr. Mallya just mooned us all!

Can't do anything but laugh at ourselves!

Here's what I read in the papers this morning, Banks ask SC to prevent Mallya from leaving India. Further, the article says, the Supreme Court is expected to take up the matter today!

Me thinks: Yes, Sir, Dear Banks. Mr. Mallya will definitely wait for the matter to be heard by the Supreme Court (sic).
मल्ल्या हुआ फुर्र। ..... बैंकों को मिला ठेंगा !
Dear Banks, please get practical. You reacted to the Diageo cash offering. You should have acted long back. What about all the personal property and multi-firms sitting on assets!? Those should have been liquidated long back! Atleast, for nothing else, pay-up dues of employees. So much for our strict labour laws.

What we need is good corporate governance in our country! Good discipline. Bank mandate along with revenue targets should be proper evaluation and stricter enforcements.

We Indian, should be better Indians. Not only in personal life, but businesses and corporate life too! Lets use our brains and bring in discipline. We've got lots of the former, but the latter is a precursor to success!

God bless us! :-)

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