Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Four Years It Is!!

Phew!! And what a journey it has been! Got up this morning and spent a few minutes on the edge of the bed recollecting the last 4 years. It almost felt like, wow, I incubated a baby. (I am sure a lesser feeling, but felt good).

We've been through tough times, easy times, fun times, sorry times. A plethora of emotions; and not one emotion that I would have wanted to miss. The possibilities of conjecturing are manifold; so have always refrained from giving comparisons; "oh, this would have been better or that might have been." But will take this one exception today. I don't think I would have been able to have such a self-evolving experience had I been anywhere, anyplace else.

Not only does it feel good to be able to "create employment" and see; in however infitessimally small manner it may be; the direct impact of value creation; and all those big things. The bottom line is; that Phonon has been with me and me with Phonon these last four years; and what more we've stuck it through. And we've stuck it through a lot.

Wishes to everyone who has been associated with Phonon; well-wishers, vendors, present and past employees, customers, seniors, friends and all those who have ever associated themselves with Phonon.

Soak in the moment, touch wood and move on now. There's a long road ahead and its back to objectivity.
i don't wanna close my eyes,
i don't wanna fall asleep...


Radhika said...

You sound like a lover or a parent. I am glad you are so passionate about Phonon, I don't think it should be any other way! Love you.

Ujwal said...

Thanks, Radhu. Yes, it has been a joyride. :)