Sunday, January 15, 2012

Meek Submission!

Lions at home; meek rats outside.
Whitewash at England; alright, could be a one-time.
Australia; our performance falling as the matches progress. Second innings, extras was the fifth highest scorer. Last four wickets fell at the same score! Meek submission. Heads need to roll; and this is not knee-jerk. Vindicates my stand, Kapil Dev's team is still the best Indian team so far. They won not in our back-yards to tailor made pitches; but when they were the underdogs. Remember those were the times when cricketers were not yet superstars endorsing brands and playing starry IPLs. But were sportsmen. Here's what I feel should be done:

  • Defunct the IPL; Pup Clarke focuses only on Tests, First Class and ODIs. No T-20s for him.
  • Get John Wright back; or have Ganguly as the coach. Even Kirsten. Someone who can lead by example. Kirsten would himself run 9k every morning.
  • Remove anyone who takes his place for granted. Sehwag between the England and Oz  Series has an average of 15. Dhoni for the same series has an average of 23!
  • Get back to basics. 14 wickets in the last 3 innings fell to no leg work or flashes outside off stump.
  • Have a player rotation policy. Max X tests; 1.3X ODI; 0.6X T-20s, 0.5X First Class in a year.
Let the carnage continue. Will we have no heads falling?

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