Saturday, August 14, 2010

And How We Grow....

...Just a little. :-)

A few months to four years of having started Phonon, we go for our first international sales call tomorrow. Lessons that I learnt:
  • One happy customer is better than ten sales people.
  • Stick to the basics, operational excellence, product differentiation and cost leadership.
  • Stick to the other basic, hang on; its rosier than you thought.
  • Focus! Focus! Focus!
  • Love what you do. Your passion reflects in your work.
  • Know what you do and say. Stand by your words.
  • Rolling your sleeves and getting to the job is the best way of solving the problem.
  • Solve your customers' problems like they were your own. If the customer makes money, so do you.
  • Focus on your tasks at hand!
  • Bite just a little more than what you can chew, not a lot more.
  • Build a team and delegate. People want to take ownership; make them grow with you!
  • Opportunity knocks...very gently. Got to be alert; got to be wise.
  • Be cool!! A calm mind always makes better decisions.
  • Serve with a smile; even if on the phone.
  • Last but not the least, did I say, Focus?
To growth!

Good luck, Phonon!!

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Ramit Singal said...

Hi sir,

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I have sent you a mail at regarding one of our events - Youth to Business Forum 2010 - which hopes to bring students closer to the corporate world and as followers of your blog, the organizing committee of the event would love to feature you and one of your write-ups in our magazine.

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Thanks a lot and best wishes,
Ramit Singal